Pedigree Poll Dorset Sheep from Devon

Gortleigh Farm is situated in North West Devon and is run by Richard and Gill Trace. It comprises a large acreage of cider apple orchards and a pedigree Poll Dorset flock established in 1986.  The flock has been recorded with Signet since its formation, is a member of the Centurion Poll Dorset Breeders Group and is MV accredited.

The flock selection policy for many years has been for good maternal traits - high lambing percentage and milking ability.  This is coupled with selection for muscling, giving a good conformation, robust ewes capable of rearing two lambs.

The farm sells breeding stock: shearling ewes and ewe lambs, shearling rams and ex-stock rams.  Semen from high index rams is also available.

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